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Utopia Planitia

In the Star Trek universe, the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards are a vast accumulation of dry docks, maintenance stations and starbases created by man, that is situated in a geosynchronous orbit 16626 m above Utopia Planitia on Mars. In these facilities, production specifications are reworked, performance data are fixed, computer models are calculated and finally new starships are developed and built by hundreds of scientists, engineers and constructors. As the Federation's most important institution of this kind, the Fleet Yards have been responsible for some of the most important and prominent starship classes - for instance the Galaxy class, the Defiant class and the Intrepid class - and have  kept on putting revolutionary new, sometimes daring ideas in starship design into practice, in order to drive forward the technological development, to extend the bounds of knowledge and to explore the unknown.

The Utopia Planitia project of the Star Trek Dimension pursues - albeit not in "real" space, but in cyberspace - similiar goals: it is a creative, imaginery platform for the development and "construction" (i.e. modelling) of new shuttles, starships, space stations and other objects which are part of the Star Trek universe or are at least based on it. For this purpose, neither reality nor the fixed parameters of the "offical Star Trek universe" shall restrict the possibilities - in Utopia  Planitia, we will leave them far behind in order to venture towards the final frontier - the one of the own fantasy.


An overview

From the Utopia Planitia main page, you can - beside these introduction - also access all other parts of the project. According to the premises of Utopia Planitia "Models" is the most important and extensive section. It is the original core of the Utopia Planitia project: every page uses text, pictures and animations to introduce one of the CGI models that have been created by me, either following my own (non-official) elaborations or exactly the original Star Trek designs. The files contain a description from the view of the Star Trek universe, i.e. the fictive specifications and properties of the starship or station, as well as investigation on the background, that means the process of modelling and the history of the model. Everyone who wants to learn more about the development of models in general and the procedure of creating Starfleet vessels in particular should visit the "Workshop": in this area, the basic steps from the idea to breath-taking, three-dimensional scenes are explained and visualized by examples. Ultimately, you can download these scenes in the "Gallery". At the moment, this section contains several desktop backgrounds of different sizes.

Informed about the possibilities in Utopia Planitia, your journey through the fantastic, three-dimensional world of Star Trek may now begin.


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