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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Science fiction series, USA 1993-1999

In the year 2369, after the Cardassians have left Bajor, Commando Benjamin Sisko and a selected Starfleet crew assume command of the desolate space station Deep Space Nine. At the frontier of known space, far away from every Starfleet facility and near to the first stable wormhole of the Galaxy, he and his crew have to deal with the neighboring Cardassians and the deadly Dominion from the Gamma Quadrant, which tries to conquer the Alpha Quadrant.



Seasons 7
Produced episodes 176 (#401 bis #576)
Aired episodes 176 (#401 bis #576)
Production time 30.12.1992 - 31.05.1999
Producers Rick Berman & Michael Piller



Cmd. / Capt. Benjamin Sisko Avery Brooks
Major / Colonel Kira Nerys Nana Visitor
Lt. / Lt. Cmd. Jadzia Dax (Seasons 1 to 6) Terry Farrell
Lt. Cmd. Worf (Seasons 4 to 7) Michael Dorn
Chief Operations Officer Miles O'Brien Colm Meaney
Lt. Julien Bashir Alexander Siggid
Fähnrich / Lt. Ezri Dax (Season 7l) Nicole deBoer
Constabler Odo René Auberjonois
Quark Armin Shimerman
Jake Sisko Cirroc Lofton


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