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Star Trek Universe
LCARS Database The Federation database as a multimedia experience with hundreds of files.
Star Trek Cartography The world-largest and most extensive project on Star Trek maps and distances.
Investigating Trek An analysis of some of the most important errors and inconsistencies of Star Trek.
Subspace Manual  in German The subspace, its properties, phenomena and technical applications examined.
Utopia Planitia Breath-taking, strictly non-canon 3D designs in text, picture and animation.
The Series & Movies
ST:TOS Guide Following the bold steps of Kirk, Spock and Bones - episode by episode.
ST:TNG Guide An overview of the voyages of the new starship Enterprise.
ST:DS9 Guide An extensive guide through the somewhat different Star Trek series.
ST:VOY Guide The journey through seven exciting seasons in the Delta Quadrant.
Media Library Hundreds of unique high quality Star Trek multimedia files.
Gag Trek A colorful mix of gags on Star Trek.
Star Trek Birthdays The ultimate birthday list of the Trek actors.
Making of Dimension in German From the creation to the conclusion of this web project - from 1997 to 2002.

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