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Although the first two programs seem to cover all cases of indirect statement of distances  in the episodes (distance, warp speed given / time, warp speed given) the remaining possibility (distance, time given) isn't less important because we can check with it theoretical considerations and the validity of journeys shown in the episodes (e.g. How fast must have been the Excelsior when it travelled from the Alpha quadrant to Kithomer within a few days? Was this possible in the short time at all?).

Please simply enter the given distance and time in the below Javascript form and click on "Calculate" to determine the warp factor exact up to 3 digits. For calculating, the program uses the physical standard formulas and the following inversion of the warp formula:


Because this formula has the same restrictions as the formula it is based on and is only (relatively) exact up to warp 9.6, calculated velocities above 1909c are displayed as ">9.6".


  Distance ly
  Time a   d   h   min   sec


  Velocity                   warp




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