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The Star Trek Cartography is the biggest source on information, data, programs and maps concerning the galactic geography in the internet.

The mission of this project: to give the fans insight into the structure of the Star Trek universe for the first time, using all official facts, the episodes and the "real" astronomy in order to create a detailed view of the Galaxy and beyond. Moreover, the Star Trek Cartography was created with the intention to help to rediscover what Star Trek is really about: the peaceful exploration and seek out new life forms in outer space - where no one has gone before ...

  The Compendium Supplemental material
1. Introduction

1.1 The Star Trek Cartography

Everything about this project, its goals, possibilities und sections

1.2 The Cartographer's tools

The basic knowledge for working with the Star Trek Cartography

2. The Star Trek Galaxy

2.1 A tour through the Milky Way

A short description of our Galaxy from the view of the real astronomy

2.2 The division of the Star Trek Galaxy

The scientific and political subdivision of the Star Trek Galaxy

3. Empires and alliances of the Galaxy

3.1 The United Federation of Planets

Everything about the size, structure, development and shape of the most important interplanetary alliance.
4. The Planets of the Star Trek Universe

This chapter is not available. A date for completion cannot be given.

5. Where no one has gone before ...

5.1 The journey of Voyager

A report on the seven year odyssey of the USS Voyager from a cartographic view

5.2 The mission of Enterprise NX-01

Examination of the journey of the first warp 5 starship and associated inconsistencies
Resources & tables
Star Trek distances
All distances directly or indirectly mentioned in offical sources
Star Trek sectors
The most important numbered sectors of the Star Trek Galaxy
Positions of the real stars
All real stars of Star Trek with exact coordinates
The route of the USS Voyager
A tabular summary with exact coordinates
Maps archive
Numerous official and real maps of the Milky Way
Galactic atlas
The detailed structure of the Star Trek Galaxy in many maps as a result of this project
Interactive programs

Warp-Time-Distance calculation

Warp-Distance-Time calculation

Warp-Time-Warp calculation


The responses of the experts

Some remarks of Rick Sternbach concerning the Star Trek cartography


Books, CD-ROMs and websites used for creating this project

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