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Although the topic "galactic cartography" does not play a major role (neither in astronomy nor in Star Trek) and I had to collect most of the information myself, the implementation of this section was only possible with a large number of electronic and conventional media. Surprisingly the good old book provided the most important information, whereas almost nothing on the topic could be found in the internet - neither on astronomy nor on Star Trek websites. Finally, I owe my gratitude for working out the models, for theories and conclusions to a couple of great people whose names and e-mail addresses are listed at the bottom of this page.



Star Trek Enclopedia (Official definitions of terms, planets and other places)
Star Trek Chronology (Map of the Romulan Neutral Zone)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual (Maps and distances of the Star Trek Galaxy)
30 Years Star Trek Official Collector's Issue (Poster map of the Star Trek Galaxy)
Making of Star Trek: Insurrection by Terry J. Erdmann (Map of Briar Patch)
Illustrated Atlas of Space by A. Ruekl (distances of "real" stars)
Big Atlas of the Stars by Patrick Moore (distances of "real" stars)
Small practicable Astronomy by Paul Ahnert (distances, galactic coordinates of "real" stars)
The Guide to the Galaxy by Henbest & Cooper (sole free avaiable "real" maps of the Galaxy)
The Universe by Serge Brunier (HIPPARCOS distances of "real" stars)
Venture in space (extragalactic coordinates and distances)
Structure and Physics of the Galaxy by Scheffler & Els�sser (Calculation of galactic coordinates)
The Cambridge Star Atlas by Will Tirion (Defintion and model of galactic coordinates)
Meyer's Manual of Space (Defintion and model of galactic coordinates)
The Milky Way System by Ludwig Kuehn (Transformation of time measure into degrees measure)



Sky Map v3.1.10 by C.A. Marriott (Distances and positions of "real" stars and DSOs)
Stella 2000 v4.7 by Coeli Software (Distances and positions of "real" stars and DSOs)



European Space Agency (ESA) (HIPPARCOS tables)
The Milky Way Galaxy (Collection of Milky Way sites and Milky Way pictures)
NASA Homepage (Information on the Milky Way, Distance of Sun to the Galactic center)
Journey through the Galaxy (Information on the Milky Way)
Structure of our Milky Way (Information on the Milky Way)
Sector 001 (High-quality scans of official maps)
Star Trek Locations (up-to-date, complete overview of the Star Trek stars, planets etc.)


Personal thanks to

Bernd Schneider (Ex Astris Scientia)

Masao Okazaki

Timo S. Saloniemi


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