A Star Trek Dimension project
2000-2002 by Christian Ruehl

Created on June 3rd, 2000

The mission of "Investigating Trek" is to look behind the episodes and feature films of Star Trek and to disclose the inconsistencies and problems that inevitably occur in a complex saga like Star Trek, especially regarding real and fictiti
ous science and technology. This project will shed light on the reasons and backgrounds of these mistakes, and - if possible - it will attempt to elaborate proposed solutions. In the end, it is not the goal to tear apart the Star Trek franchise, but to show up that the Star Trek universe is still created by human beings every week.


1.1 Astronomy
What real star Vulcan orbits and more

1.2 Physics
Why interstellar real time communication is impossible and more

1.3 Biology
Why most species are humanoid and more


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