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Welcome to the largest Star Trek Dimension update since January 2000.

It all started with a few desig studies and concepts shortly after the first birthday of the Star Trek Dimension back in August 2000. Now, the basic structure of the website has been changed, new ways of navigation have been created, nearly every page has been changed and many new breath-taking images have been added so that the Star Trek Dimension is ready for the 21st century.  ;-)


In a more in-depth overview, the update consists of the following parts:

1. Easier and faster navigation

With the dimension bar, the new navigation frame above the actual pages, you can quickly access every project and the main pages from any part of the Star Trek Dimension.

Newly-created, additional navigation bars help you to navigate through the episode guides, the Web Dimension and the Media Library.

Overviews and lists of contents now belong to the standard on every of the more extensive pages, e.g. the FAQ, the introduction, the LCARS user notes etc.


2. More user comfort

The comply rewritten, by far more extensive introduction of the Star Trek Dimension, the extended and updated FAQ as well as the completely new user notes for the LCARS database and the Media Library facilitate the orientation for beginners and provide concrete help for questions concerning structure, interface and important pecularities.

Cross references on the information pages provide access to pages with similiar topics or an more in-depth analysis.

In the new guestbook provided by Vantagenet you can express your opinion concerning the Star Trek Dimension in a very quick & easy way.


3. Improvement of design and layout

The "end of universe" design, which has been introcuded to the Star Trek Dimension with the logo and the new banners, has been more consequently established, for instance with the new navigation bars, the reworked logos and by the nearly uniform use of the "nebula-star-background".

The Star Trek Dimension main page was reworked not concerning contents, but structure, and now consists of only one frame. The "end of universe" motive provides a new background that is both elegant and fitting to the general style of the website. Like all updates, the design improvement especially took  care of the adaptation to high resolution, with 1024x768 not leading to chaos on the frontpage and the projects main pages anymore. This applies to the navigation frames, too, which are correctly displayed up to 1280x960.

Many new logos and navigation pictures have been introduced or existing ones have been reworked and enhanced. Some examples you will find on the projects page, the news page, the FAQ and the new pages (e.g. LCARS user notes) zu finden.

The layout of the Media Library has been completely redesigned, with even more images and an easier structure.


4. Update or reworking of projects and information files

The newly introduced main page of the LCARS daabase provides status information and, beside the login, grants access to the LCARS History and the also rewritten user notes.

The introduction and author page have been rewritten and the FAQ reworked.

The Media Library has been moved back to the main server (leading to more security and a substantially higher download speed), extended by the content of the abandoned Sound Dimension (now avaiable in the section "Music"), completely reworked and restructured. Every page has been enhanced, and the user notes have been rewritten. There are also numerous new media files.

The following projects have been updated as well: the ST:DS9 Guide contains a new front page / information page, the ST:VOY Guide an updated overview of season 7 and three new reviews of season 6 episodes, Gag Trek features new jokes, the LCARS database has labeled scroll buttons, the Subspace Manual and the What You Leave Behind project have been adapted to the uniform Dimension design and bugs have been eliminated in the Star Trek Cartography and the Web Dimension.


Coming soon

Despite the extension of this update, there will be additions in the next days. Primarily, of course the still missing translations of the FAQ, the LCARS user notes and the author page, as well as not uploaded parts of the Media Library sound effects collection. Afterwards, there will be reworked season overviews in English in the ST:DS9 Guide plus some smaller additions which haven't been completed in time.

If questions or problems arise (especially missing links and pictures and other bugs concerning the update), or if you simply want to submit your opinion, please drop me a mail or post to the registry-free Star Trek Dimension forum in the Subspace Comms Network.

Enjoy the enhanced Star Trek Dimension,



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